Nov 14, 2009

2012 review

The end is just the beginning....
Finally i've watch this movie....Overall i will say the impact and the visual effect is really cool in this movie but if i've to choose the storyline i will prefer the day after tomorrow. Not to say that 2012 storyline is bored.....this movie is great too, but only that i think the day after tomorrow is better.

First, i would like to say John Cusack is still hot....i think, emm he used to be hot that must be something about him. I think i slightly get it. Just slightly haha no offend to Cusack fans.

This movie shows the selfishness of the people and how the world is so unfair. AGAIN, i'm not the one to get ''chosen'' on board (T_T...why...i'm the one who left behind again). Well, they really built the ''Noah's Ark'' in this movie but with technology.

This movie not only about disaster but director included jokes in it too. Really funny. And all those disaster scenes is SO PERFECT!!! I can feel goosebumps....thumbs up!!! I really don't know how to describe, seeing those people hanging on the building during earthquake, the tsunami coming....volcano....WOW!!! And i saw the supermarket scene, i did pay attention on that part, good job.

But the first car scene is a little not logic (i know i shouldn't ever say not logic about a movie but if i'm really have to figure one out of this). Because it's a limousine, not a hummer.....==''

There are a lot of touching scene too. Appreciate evreything or everyone you have before you lose it. Like for the Tony guy in this movie, not able to speak with his son when the disaster come. Is this guy the professor X in X-men, they look alike. It have packed loads of action scene too.

By the way Mayan really did not predict end of world, just need to mention again...and Malaysia get swept away with most probably tsunami in this movie because i can ''almost'' saw Malaysia on the map when they predicting the tsunami area, i can see two or three tsunami around Malaysia. It is really HUGE one not those thousand feets wave but higher than that.

Two president choose to stay instead of leaving in this movie and only those with money can get onboard, even you are worker to build the ark but sorry...without money, you got no chance.

You can really see the reality of the world and for sure the disaster scene....that's cool!!! I wonder how the director gonna make a 4th disaster movie since this one is already ''heavy'' enough.

I think it is okay....but the starting is a little dragging. I'm enjoy all the disaster scene (no sarcastic meaning). You can check this movie out. Em, still thinking the day after tomorrow.

(PS : Saw the prince of persia trailer....COOL!!! It is direct by my fav Jerry Bruckheimer. Amelia is made into a movie...i didn't know that richard gere and ewan mcgregor is in it.)

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