Nov 12, 2009

2012 preview

We were warned....

This is the this movie has been a hot topic in the Hollywood before it ''hits'' the cinema. As well as a controversy too....

Many people is arguing over the ''facts'' using in this movie like putting on the rumors saying that Earth is going to destroyed and end.

Actually not Mayan predicting that 2012 will be the end of the world but only that their calender is until 21 st of December 2012. So by using this here comes this movie. I'm very exciting to watch this movie as soon as i can because the director Roland Emmerich is freakin' good in doing this kinda disaster movie.

But many of them say this is a crap movie....I don't really think so. John Cusack is in this movie!!! He once was a hot guy...but don't know whether in this movie is....em, because he's a daddy in this movie if not mistaken. Actually watching the trailer makes me feel like WHOA!!! It's gonna be so....COOL!!! Try to watch the trailer....But i think this is really more heavier IMPACT using in this movie compared to the last two...Independence Day and The Day after tomorrow . Like those earthquake and the worst we can imagine.

Get so excited because i'm going to watch this tommorow with my family. This kind of disaster movie is best to watch with family.

For sure, after watching it, i'll write a review on it soon. Is it a good or bad movie? Let's see!!!

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