Nov 1, 2009

Glambert 2012

Yes Glambert a.k.a Adam Lambert, is singing for 2012 the movie. I think i love this song so much, where i'm so looking forward into this movie too. But will this song be another I don't wanna miss a thing....i guess it can actually be compared.

For Glambert, he's having a new album, for your entertainment. The album is call for your entertainment...not that i simply add in haha. I'm quite curious about his album new song...since that he can sing.....really high notes, okay, ha can sing very well too.

But i'm really like this song, it's call Time for Glambert the glamerous lambert.

Enjoy it!!!

PS : If this day really come, i hope that i can die with my family....if i really have to die...=='', because in 2012, i'm just graduated or even studying, so maybe couldn't be with my family. I will not feel regret if i got the chance to die with my family in 2012.....touch wood!!! Hope 2012 never happen, although from all the signs, it looks possible. Enjoy every moment while you like we're dying (by Kris Allen)....
OMG, why all AI 8 contestants singing this kinda song, is this a pre-sign??? Let's see what Gokey song title then....

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