Nov 22, 2009

Magic tricks REMAKE!!!

Actually this few days i've been surfing the net watching magic trick performed by different magician (doing some stupid stuff while my final exam is coming, i'll say that i'm relaxing myself).

I've re-watch the statue of liberty tricks that performed by David Copperfield. Well, i really can't figure out how it is done. I think that David Copperfield is really cool and the reason why is he so famous because no other magician dare to take risks on trying new tricks at that time and all that his tricks is really stunning.

The main point of today article is actually write for Cyril, the rising star......i mean magician. I've watch his Cyril : Simply magic show, so i got a few ideas for him.

The first one is his burger tricks.....I just wonder when he's in Malaysia why don't he trying to do it on nasi lemak. I mean pull a nasi lemak out of the menu....haha that will be cool. I mean this is more ''fitted'' to a Malaysian. We get used to nasi lemak right?

The second one is he able to grab the water and change into syilling during his visit to Singapore. So how about when doing the teh tarik trick (''pulling'' the tea from one glass to another glass, this is NOT a magic trick) then change the teh tarik into syilling? Whoa, another impressive trick, haha. If Cyril really did this, i can say he is better that the David Blaine trick where he change a cup of coffee to sylling. I think that one is one of my favourite trick so far.

The third one will be the polo mint trick that he perform, i think Cyril's version is much more better than the others that i've watch before. You should check it out although when he performing that trick during the singapore interview, the hosts seems like not really impress, haha, that part is really funny. Actually at first i feel the same too, but something that he did is different from the others. Oh ya, forgot to say that....Cyril, why don't you try this trick on doughnut....??? I mean it will be kinda cool because he may get to be a advertise person for Krispy Kreme, Big Apple or J.Co. Mutual benefits right?

And last one the switching of chicken rice into asam laksa is really IMPRESS me! I want to learn that (I know it is impossible).Don't know why? I feel like i want to perform this trick to my grandma....Don't know how she will react, probably she will yelled at me ''Switch back to rice!!!'' Haha. How about next time you come to Malaysia switch Durian to Cempedak? Maybe you can keep the Durian the same but the content inside switch to cempedak. If he really did all of this, i'll....fainted haha. I really don't know what to say.

My mum say she want to send me to magic academy (of course i know she's kidding...=='') since i've been addicted to magic trick again (don't worry, i will go to ''rehab'' by myself). But i don't think i can be a magician because my palm is not qualify, too small!!! It's hard to perform a trick except i practice over and over again.

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