Nov 26, 2009

American Music Awards 2009

What it's all about for this year American music award? Controversy of course!!! Glambert steals the shows!!!

Ya, our Diva Mr. Glambert has received over 1500 complaints after his performance on the show.....Sigh. Actually i've been expecting on his performance, those glam and a lil' ''naughty'' stage performance but i never thought it will ended up with R-rated to the audiences.

Let's not talk about the contro first. Well taylor swift has swept away 5 awards in AMA...(Wow, shouldn't you left some for the others?), MJ did won 4 awards too....Rascal Flatts won AGAIN for Best country band, they did look a bit ''numb'' when they go on stage to get the awards....ya, of course, 4 years in a row, they must be like : ''What? Okay who takes home the awards this year? There are only 3 members in rascal flatts.''But i can see that they are getting huge and their music industry as well as em...body shape, even Joe Don did look a bit ''cute''. BEP won best pop group, Green day won best alternative pop.

Shakira didn't look like the shakira i know before, maybe the hair color?

Boom Boom Pow!!! Fergie looking good!!!

Gary : '' So now we decide to have voting to decide this 4th AMA to put at whose house?''
Joe Don : '' Ya, you just take it, i don't mind....''
Jay : '' about me?''

Last but not least!!!! Keith Urban finally won something, best male country artist of the year!!! Hooray!!! Like what keith said : '' I never won anything with nicole beside me...'' (no hidden meaning okay....) I'm really proud of him that's why he's top the darling list right now. After that, he performed Kiss A Girl. Janet jackson, Shakira, Jay-Z, Alicia keys, BEP and Daughtry also performs. No doubt Daughtry performance is cool!!! They're live performance guarantee. They rocks!!! Oh ya, forget to mentioned that Keith got a new tattoo for me!!!! Okay okay, not for me....i think it's for Sunday is it? Something like a sun on his chest, let me see clearer....hehe.

AMA potrait photo shooting

Finally, Glambert, oh what've you done??? Let's make it short. He involved oral sex (just stimulating the act) , kissing a male dancer and showing middle finger. Now you know why so many complaints on him...Let's not talk about the complaints. I would rather talks about his performance. Honestly, recently i can't get my ear off Glambert new song For your entertainment which is the song he performs in AMA. So i'm like expecting something from him....but, i mean although it is a debut performance from him after AI, he really have to work out for his stamina. His performance is a lil shaky and not as glam as i thought. I think probably he need to get some advice from Gaga that lady and probably madonna or Gwen Stefani. However, his high notes still as stable as usual.

Just wonder why bon jovi isn't invited to AMA since their new album is released....

So here's end 2009 AMA....

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