Aug 18, 2008

Funny interview RDJ with Val kimmer

Kiss kiss bang bang scene....

Q: What was it like for you two to kiss each other?

KILMER: I loved it. He complained, complained, complained.


Q: What was bad about it?

KILMER: The tongue. Well he smokes, he chain smokes. No breath mints.

DOWNEY, JR.: He smelled like the breath of a jackal.

KILMER: Not true, not true.

DOWNEY, JR.: I don't know why he saved jackal breath for our kissing scene.

KILMER: It was fine, it was fine. I've never kissed a guy before except for Colin Farrell in a movie.

Q: But that was father and son.

KILMER: Yeah, so that was weird when he slipped me the tongue. And Robert is a better kisser… I think he bit my lip. He's angry.

DOWNEY, JR.: What's the movie we did together last year?

KILMER: I don't remember


DOWNEY, JR.: Why don't we talk about that? Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang.

KILMER: Oh, you want to talk about it because you're the lead.

Q: What did you guys like best about one another?

KILMER: I always like a good laugh and Robert is very, very funny. I think one of my favorite things about Robert is his observations. We'll sit with someone and have dinner and the thing that he sees in that person, their character, and I was sitting there just as long as he was and it's invariably interesting and entertaining and he usually says it in an interesting way. He's a little off today, but [Laughs] that's my favorite part.

DOWNEY, JR.: I think he makes, it's like anything, when you say, 'How did you know you guys were going to be best friends?' We didn't, you know? It happened and it was like, 'Oh we just like get each other.' And it's really nice as opposed to manufacturing chemistry or knowing it's not there and going 'Oh well, this can never work.'

Q: Would you guys be up for returning to these roles?

KILMER: I'd love to.

DOWNEY, JR.: No, I don't want a franchise that I'm the lead in. [Laughs]

KILMER: He gets the girl, he's funny, he's sweet.

DOWNEY, JR.: I have a feeling, this is the sh***y part, only in my world would this happen, 'Robert we're doing a sequel except this time, it's really more Perry's show. Now you work for him Robert…

KILMER: It should just be a caper though, right?

DOWNEY, JR.: Maybe, like Oceans 12.

KILMER: No, not like Oceans 12.

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