Aug 7, 2008

RDJ + Jared Leto=....ti's black and white (dont worry)

I'm surfing youtube that day and suddenly i found something really'' interesting''.....(should i satid that...)
Well lastly i feel that i have little connection with the cat totally not with the sirim company, i used to talk most family thing with the sirim company that sit beside me( sound like both of us has reach auntie level).
I found a video, of course related to RDJ....but it also related to jared leto.
Oh man, what makes them can go together...
They are both movie star....
Movie star for little star for jared leto....haha
(the cat'll kill me but this is the fact)
Everything is fine in the beggining, jared leto with a blonde hair...yuck!!!
Still a little handsome for him (not true at all)....until my baby RDJ pop out, i know something not really good is happening.
In the movie RDJ and jared leto are GAY and they love each other...OMG!!!
I like RDJ gay because he really play the role well but with jared....sigh!!!
In the end, they hold each other hand and went to shop.
Noooooo....same respond with the cat!!!
But at least this movie has link the communication between me and the cat....we both want buy the movie!!!
Haha....RDJ you look hot being gay in this movie....
Jared, work hard still to make sure you can get the same status like RDJ....
Ya, forget to tell that the movie is call BLACK AND WHITE....
Titan dont know it...ha

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*vane said...


i won't kill u because u called jared lil movie star.i think he's a lil star in bidang movie~if compare to RDJ.

all stars u likes was big big one(except KU...).don't take'em compare with jared ok?

and...forget to tell u that 30stm got 4 years experience jor..not 2 years.