Aug 9, 2008

Robert downey jr on rolling stones magazine cover!!!!

RDJ looks good in the hoody...i like hoody

Wow wow wow!!! (dont get me wrong, not the sound of dog barking...)

Robert,RDJ is on the cover...the rolling stone!!! (this is what seperate bon jovi and RDJ from keith urban....keith never on a big magazine like they did,c'mon boy,you must do something to catch up them.)

Yesterday i went for my cute little cousin birthday party at pavillion....and i pass by the book store TIMES, so i just went inside to take a look.

Of course i 'll only go to the magazine section and i stand there for half and a hour.....

Guess what i'm thinking....

I forget the name of magazine that recent interview RDJ....and i'm trying to remember it.

However, i found it today....(on the internet...)

Is he wearing a hoody?? Well, i dont really care what he wearing, whatever he wear also look good, it'll be better if he dont wear...haha

Hmm and ironman dvd release in 30th of september.....i'm gonna get it no matter how.

It'll be nice if i get the special editon with ironman helmet one!!!

So sexy,Iron man...err, i
mean so tough....

1 comment:

*vane said...

yes i tell u...dat's a hoody.

haiya,you 宠惯 he liao la.

always say things bout this RDJ,makes my ears suffering...