Apr 9, 2009

Archuleta concert countdown

Tomorrow...will be the day i go for David Archuleta concert, but dont know why just feel a little insecure ( not really confirm that the concert will be good), not like the last time i went for BSB concert...that is really a nice one. And before BSB concert, i'm quite nervous...haha.

Personally i'm quite like Archie...but just not that much like BJ and Keith Urban (hehe..). His voice and song is nice (of course good looking too, very innocent look...) but i'm afraid if live perfomance'll be sound like the album recording. Will it be? Hopefully not.

Another thing that i'm quite looking forward to is hehehe...all those handsome guys out there in the concert, hopefully there're one or two just like in BSB concert....^0^''

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