Apr 27, 2009

Middle east man~~~@_@

Article that wrote for myself....haha hidden article. Hopefully.

No doubt i'm having an addiction to middle east man. I just dont get it but it happens.

Middle east man doesn't mean like Ja'afar, the bad guy in Alladin...(He dont look good) For me, i like middle east man or i think i better say middle east male because they have a really special feature...For example, LARGE eyes (which i dont have...), Beard (Which i dont have too....) But dont know how their attitude is....

They have the most beautiful eyes on earth. I can feel like there's something in their eyes looks interesting. Their eyelash~~~you dont found that thick eyelash in asian male. Or even American, Italian, French or whoever from other races.

Mostly their beard....sometimes i really doubt myself why i'm so interested in beard. I mean if i were a man, i'll definitely keep a beard. Haha i think it sound really awkward suddenly i wrote about this ''title''. This is because....i saw a really handsome middle east male yesterday when i'm working. Hehe.

That time i'm wander around my working shop and i found that there's a middle east male and a female in the shop. They're not important. So i think that might have some around. So i scan around and get one outside our shop. He's soooooooooooooo handsome (almost fainted....).Looks a bit like Danny Gokey with recent a little beard on.He's wearing a white tee. Eating chewy sweet, colouful one....so cute. Haha he of course have a large and big and beautiful pair of eyes. And he keeps a little beard. Not those really heavy one...is those slightly. Barely can see.隐约可看见. Feel so shy...hehe. He wander outside the shop. So i stand in front of the shop entrance to see it clearer BUT damn it, a customer is enquiring me about the product.....After that, he's gone. If he enter thew shop, i'm sure to promote my product to him....Grrr, the customer!!!! But after that i saw another middle east male looks like the comedian or i think is Jeffrey dean morgan. Okay Okay only...

But i think that one i saw at Burger King at sunway is the best i've ever seen. I still remember the cat is with me. The middle east man is tall and looks quite tough,from his body shape. And when he turn around. WAAAAAA, he looks like Robert downey jr...maybe handsome than him,no no no...can compared to him. And after he finish ordering because he is next to us. When i'm discussing with the cat, another middle east man ( not handsome one...dont know who he is...)turn to me and smile. Yeeee....O_0'' what the hell he doing....I still remember the cat feel really fuuny and straight away laughing. From that moment, i become very alert to middle east male...and i like to go sunway more often.

I'm not feeling quite right writting down this but i think it is really ''special''. I'm feeling myself a gold fish right now. Haha....maybe i'll delete it soon