Aug 12, 2009

BJ new album....We weren't born to follow

It's coming soon...for Bon Jovi new album and i'm going to announce bankrupt of me.

Since so many other hubby album, dvd and magazine i havent bought.

So far, Bon Jovi have sing one of the singles Work For The Working Man. But only with simple tune and acoustic. Rumours said it will be more rock for that song since that day only Jon is there to perform. Ohhhh, again i'm so excited.

So since singles is ''leaked''. I think the boys are ready to ROCK again....hopefully......Don't give me country again, leave that to Keith Urban is enough.

But i hope Jon will be wearing some other cloth but not suit.....because singing rock dressing with suit isn't WILD enough...wakaka

So gotta saves money and go to work during sem break. Sew the silk before rains.....

The name of the album is soooo COOL....and it's going to be released at Nov of 10th....

Oh god....this will be my birthday present. But will it be released another MV include album after i bought the Audio only album... I better check before i buy.

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