Sep 28, 2009

G-Force review

I think this movie is cool. It is not only a 3D animated movie but an action movie too.

Those guinea pig are real cute but cool and SPECIAL!!! The G-force is formed by 3 guinea pigs and one mole. The voice casting are really strong and of course the director....Hmmm POTC director.

Even Iron man character is only one of the guinea pig haha...He's Hurley, em real name is Jon Favreau, a pet guinea pig. Another sexy guinea pig is Juarez. My favourite is Blaster, hyper-active and really cute. The mole is Spekles. The leader is Darwin, also a guinea pig by Sam Rockwell. And also Mooch, the flies, cute little thing.

They are really cool because they are those special agent. There are more like guinea pig version of mission impossible. At first i thought that it will be like animated movie but it's more than that with those action and storyline.

I think it is one among the animated movie that suit children because it is less ''bad'' (character being so cruel or bad...they didn't) than other movie but in the sense not really suits for children is those technology thing, they maybe can't understand.

The twisting of the storyline from beginning to end is very interesting. The chinese name...hehe go and watch then you'll know. But this is a very pure movie...innocent i think very suit for kids. And those guinea pig facebook-ing...and playing break dancing and listening to hi-fi is like Whoa COOL!!!

And very funny too. But the part Speckles ''die'' is kinda sad, and also when Hurley ''die''....sob sob.

By the way this is a Walt Disney movie...hmmm kinda surprise...Oh ya and Mooch the flies, not all flies is bad...i think this movie has brought out this message. And those cockroach....did little help too.

Conclusion...i LOVE Blaster (the grey one...) and guinea pig...woowoo....Go and watch this movie. Nice one. Oh ya nicholas cage is the mole.....haha i'm not insulting him but he lend his voice as a mole Speckles...
(PS: You gotta believe in yourself...then you're special!!! ^_^)

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