Nov 2, 2010

This is Halloween!!!

Halloween is finally here! KL definately not a very spooky town as Halloween is not a culture or "Trend" over here! However, I finally "manage" to celebrate my first ever Halloween with the accompany of Coconut and Vane!
We join the Sunway Halloween Parade in Sunway Pyramid!!! Obviously, not much people dress like Halloween that day and I think not much of them know that is Halloween too~~~ However this parade is kinda nice!

One thing that I need to be done during Halloween is.....get lotta candy!!!!!
The candy man!!! The one that I've been eye on since the parade start!!!
There is a gang of student having make up/dress up competition make Sunway look more horrify!!!
The brain-juice-spill-out girl and the plant lady!!!
But personally, I like this one!!! The beauty of bloody!!!! Look at the retina!!! The Blood!!! The wounds is *ehem*, still can be improve. I will challenge to outdo this look for next halloween!

Love this girl's dress up and make up. Bloody but for me, she still can be more scary.

The rest is quite visually-satisfy too...

The bloody clown, he should have some psycho behaviour to make it more REAL.

Sexyback!!!! Bloody-back!

The black one holding a big candy in hand!!! The white one...holding a head.

However, no one can get a better costume like this dude! Cute lil' dude! It's my 2010 Halloween costume winner of the year!!! *TaDa*

Cute kid with Spongebob's costume!!! Well Done!!!

Sunway Pyramid's Scream Park crew are here too!!! They are the only one making "noise". Not bad, not bad!

The zombie give a sudden attack to me!!!!!
And the winner of the Sunway Halloween Children Dress Up competition for 2010 is a lil' vampire boy!!!

He's looking smart in that vampire suit! Twillight's new actor in making!

I really enjoy the night! The parade freaks many peoples out in the mall! Haha! But I really hope that there will be more and more people joining and having fun during Halloween!!!
So, we went for another caffeine sipping session after the parade!!! Check out our TREATS of the night!!!!

I got lotta Eyeballz!!!!!

Well, for this year Halloween, I didnt much dress up due to sudden decision where we decide to celebrate just one day before Halloween. And, I don't have the proper I end up going to this parade in this look!!!!

Kiddo-get-abused looks!!!
I'm thinking of fight club while having this make up but it turn out to be like I get abuse!!! As what my buddy said! Why it cant be like I'm just finish fighting with someone!? Boooo, BUT!!! People are like staring at me while I'm wandering around the mall.....Haha! And a few people come and ask whether this is real!! That's cool!! Sales asistants in the shop touch my wounds and bruises too~~~Pity me!!!
Since this is really rush so I.....just "did it" with my mom's Shiseido's lipsticks!!!! SORRY! And I broke one of it tooo~~~~I'm thinking getting body paints but kinda expensive which you will only get a very very very small bottle of it. I go for lipstick! So now I have new material for my wounds painting!!!
Seriously I cant wait for next Halloween!!! I will either go for Sora (kinda challenging for me) or Vampire next year!!! Of course with lots of scars and wounds!! Hehe!!! Happy Halloween!!

(PS : Hopefully KL will be more spooky for next Halloween!!!!)

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