Aug 5, 2008

Bubba and gump shrimp's all about forest gump

Before i saw the tony stark's audi tt.

I've went to bubba and gump shrimp company with my parents to take our dinner.

It's a dream come true...why?? Because i'm a big fans of forest gump movie....

It's a really nice surrounding when we step in. And the waiters there are so nice to us. Guide us to upstarirs and take our order.

Here is where we sit, and it is a wall that decorate

with Lt Dan thingy...

After that, i begin to chat with my father...well my father dont know who bubba is. Actually bubba is one of forest gump friend during his military journey. And they promise each other to have a shrimp company after the war is over but however bubba die before the war over...sad.

Within several minutes, our foods has ''arrive''. Well. we order a big bunch of shrimp called something like big net catch if i not mistaken with some garlic and cajun sauce. It is sooooo nice. It gains marks for the first round. Then it followed by the second round meals. My dad order a salmon (keith urban like to eat fish...) mix with shrimp....and i order a shrimp and crab meat with cheese toppings. What my mum eat....she prefer to shared she said.
Again i'm impress by the food especially the shrimp with the salmon, it's a perfect match. And i like the cheese toppings too.
There's another thing really interesting is when we need service, we just have to turn the sign board that on our table.

This is when forest gump play american football,

he cant stop himself from running when his coach

ask him to run:''Run forest run.''

There is a quote by forest gump mother that i really like. Life is like a box of chocolates. you never know what you're gonna get. It's really dont know what'll going on next in your life. And this is what forest gump tell to the other when he waiting at the bus stop.....

We really enjoy our meals in bubba and gump shrimp company, not only the meals, the surrondings and service are great too...

Forest gump is really a interesting and meaningful movie.....You should check it out if you havent watch it before...

(Ps: never give up in what are you doing...)

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zebra said...

walao eh..... i also wanna go eat there! where is it? expensive or not? why didn't you bring me there? not friend at all!