Apr 11, 2009

Archuleta concert ''adventure''

The stage

Here's the adventure start,
2.30pm arrive there.....
Plenty of people. So BMG and me waiting in a line with those people. Wait till 3pm something, BMG and me are sweating, standing under the great sunshine. Suddenly a voice caught our attention: The counter is close....it's close, we've already have 3000 people in. You guys cant enter anymore.....

''What the......you didn't say only limited to 3000 people,'' in the deep of my heart. And the truth is behind the ticket only writing first come first serve.....That's mean no limitation, only first come first serve!!! If there is 3000 limitation, then you shouldn't give away more than this number of the ticket. Moreover some of them buy the album to get it. The ticket not free somemore. Saw the crowd go away with disappoinment. Some of them ald cursing the organizer. Bmg and me standing at the guard house calling my parents.

Suddenly They say allow a bunch of people to get in. And the entrance is just beside us. Without hesitating, i pull BMG over and try to line up but saw those people ( a bunch) running towards the entrance....and get pushing around. Finally i get in but when i turn back, i lost BMG....

I saw her like grabbing by a bunch of zombie outside the gate (they try to get over her to get inside).....phew. Luckily is only human....BMG get pushed and get in to the entrance. We both're sweaty. Sweat like we never sweat before. So luckily we get VIP seat too. But after the gate close, there's still whole lot of people outside....that is really unfair to them.

Almost 3.30pm get inside amphitheathre. No perfomer on stage yet. Well i already know Archie will be ''LATE'' for that. So, JJ and Ian from Hitz fm on stage try to entertain the fans. They said Archie is ''on the way''. When you trying to entertain a fans of someone. Dont ever try to repeat the star is on the way, it is much more better to just entertain them coz this'll make the fans feel annoying. And DJ please study about the artist bio. When you guys ask either sing along with Archie song Crush or A Little Too Not Over You before Archie come. And the crowd choose the second one and you guys agree too. But how come the song you guys playing after that will be Touch My hands??? However people keep singing along....nice Archie spirit but next time don't ever make the same mistake again. I dont know the others figure it out or not. Maybe they just too enjoy in Archie song so didn't realize.

After sometimes, Hao Ren, a not really popular malaysian artist on stage and sing. Boring~~~
Another star, Alif, one in a million contestant perform, worst still. Bad vocal, no good looking....What's the result? Get boo by all the fans. And he still trying to warm up the crowd...again get boo.

Daniel Lee on stage...

Finally is Daniel Lee come on stage,much more better than the previous two artist....sing one of the ''unknown'' song and Mimpi. Not bad, BMG very happy and i'm quite enjoy too but the stupid flash light flash on our eyes. The light effect is build without consider the audience....''Good''.

Archie playin' piano...

4pm something...Archie arrive, cute. Come on stage and sings. Forget what song he sings. That's the worst part....When you've a concert, the audience cant even remember the opening of the concert, you've to check what've you done wrong ( i didnt mean to Archie but the one who arrange it...) Until now i still can remember BSB opening....WHY??? It's special!!! I'm not BSB fans but their opening with The Boxer outfit and Kanye' s stronger song playing....nice~

So Archie drink some water and continue singing....sorry Archie, I'm your fans since AI but not those really die hard but the second song i think, you cant hit the note like you did in the album. But the rest is nice...vocal okay.

That is another part Archie singing. And i'm capturing his picture...when i figure that Archie is looking to our direction, i quickly point my finger to my phone which is ready to take a picture, and how nice Archie waving to us. And when i turn to BMG after that, she's ald self excited beside me and flapping her hands on my shoulder...=='' Is it that excited??? ( But well done Archie, entertain your fans is VERY important to an artist.)

Archie ! Look here...

So Archie went to change a cloth and sing again. After singing, he's mumbering something in his mouth. We can listen through the mic that he is saying something really fast.
BMG to me:''What he says? I dont know...''
Me:'' =_='' terima kasih...really fast one''

BJ style?!

After a few song like 3 i think, he waves his hand and went backstage again. And What!!! The show is end...So the most Archie sing is like 6 song only....and he just wave like that without saying anything and nobody in the theatre're yelling Encore. OMG!!! Okay say it with a nice expressing i will say it is only a promo, dont expect much. A bad way to say, it is a small concert, you just ended it this way!? Oh c'mon....(speechless)

So the show ended.....Bmg and i walk out and take some picture around. We saw JJ from Hitz fm get surrounded by the crowd to get signature and photo....haha never thought that he'll be that popular too. And as we reach the guard house, it's raining again...

Bmg and i take dinner together and back.


Archie has a nice vocal...cute looking. But i'm suprised that he can't hit some of the notes....The arrangement of the show need to be enhance. The ticket thing and no nore seat is a mess. Well, i'll still admire Archie but keeps gettin' better....improvement need to be see for the next time ( in another words, i'll guess i have to go for Bon Jovi and Keith Urban concert which can satisfy me...I'm quite confidence with Keith's concert, he's a great perfomer and entertainer.) ( Out of topic )

(PS: Archie fans is really crazy...mad of Archie and can scream really loud too...And today is the most tired and sweaty day of mine and BMG, we both agree...)

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