Apr 15, 2009

Movie preview ( not really) : Good night and good luck

Good night and good luck....The movie name? So artistic...

And i always have a misconception about this movie. I thought it is directed by Tom Hanks....until a few weeks ago, i realize it's not. Well first this movie release, i'm so looking forward to it, since i'm ''misunderstood'' that it is directed by Tom Hanks (his directed movie is acceptable) and from the movie title sounds like some killing action mystery drama combination.

Totally wrong...it is directed by George Clooney ( no confidence about his directed movie...actually none of them really good), so once i knew it was directed by him, i'm scared. I think i've to said that George Clooney more likely to direct a movie about politics and serious type. So not really my type of movie. The same thing the plot is politic related....Not really interested. Talk about a reporter something like stand for his right and bla bla bla.....

Okay from very interested and very '' misunderstood'' to very resist to this movie. It is shoot by using black and white....oooohhhh BORING...for me.

Although Robert Downey jr has a small part in this movie by due to ''small part'', i've to sacrifice NOT to watch this movie too. Until now i still dare not to watch this movie. As for me the biggest disappointment about watching a movie is that you watch a movie which disappoint you.

Although it has quite lot nomination and has won some award if not mistaken...but i'm still dare not to watch it. Unless all my ''misconception'' came true. You can try to watch if you like politics and unique style of film shooting.

It might be too ''artistic' for me.

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