Apr 18, 2009

American Idol season 8 top 7

Well ....so fast. AI already reach the final 7. And i'm getting so into the show right now.

Of course my favourite still belong to Danny Gokey. I thinks he sing pretty well so far. But i just found out that Kris allen is cool too.

Kris Allen. Good boy looking.

Well during the movie song week, i think Kris did a good job. He sings Falling slowly. Nice slow and soft melody, and i think he able to handle the song because this song didnt really have much melody so his vocal is so important. Nice and clear. Hooray~Kris rock!!!

And i think i'm getting to accept Adam Lambert high note style of singing. He hits the really high note this weeks. Although it is real HIGH note but it sound right with him. Ya no doubt he's getting into the final. And he dare to take risks....Yes young people should not be afraid doing this....Nice try!!!

Meanwhile Allison sings I dont Wanna Miss A Thing.....
Oh God!!! What a Classic movie song of all time. Well of course she did it well. Like her voice, dont like her hair...haha but overall she'll be in the final too.

Danny playing guitar...

Danny Gokey, almost falling in love with him...i mean his voice. Like his voice so much!!! Sing endless love. Nice song but Simon thinks that is boring. I think Simon type of boring more likely to be Danny playing safe all the time??? His singing is not doubt is a pass for every week but i think Simon expecting a gred A perfomance from him. Actually i really prefer Danny to take some risk. And i think that he able to take the risk too. Expect more nice song from him. He keeps some beard too this week...(hehe) Everyone knows i like beard...Nice one nice one. Marks added to the appearance. He bought a new guitar and practice on it. Good! Preparing for the tour. Wow future planning.

From the left: Anoop, Kris and Danny.

The rest i dont wanna talk about it. In a cruel way the rest can be eliminated. Anoop Desai quite dissapointed with him In the beginning i though that i can expect something from him but until now he's getting...sigh. Lil should be eliminated. But never thought that she can go until this far. Matt??? It is a waste to use the only chance of the judges to save him from elimination. Dont know what're they thinking. His movie song week dont even performs really well.

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