Apr 6, 2009

Glad to heard that, Enzo!

Look alike to his father.....

Like father like son...God bless finally Enzo ( you might dont know who he is but if i mention his surname...), Enzo Zidane, the son of the greatest football playmaker and the dribbling magician of all time, Zinedine Zidane (my most admire footballer in my life) is now set to play for Spain youth team....


Omg he is all grown up...and like his father playing in Real Madrid under 15 team has a great performance. And now he is set for playing in the youth for Spain. Why spain? Not suppose to be France?? If not mistaken i still remember that zidane wife is from Spain so i'll guess this is one of the reason and they're now set their life in Spain too since Zidane transfer to Madrid.
They've been saying that quite a few french player is a new zidane, i would say BULLSHIT!!! C'mon Enzo, show them who's the new Zidane, and his ''footwork'' is not bad too, dribbling skill might learn from his father, of course Zizou is much more better.
Hopefully Enzo's brothers will soon join him too in the football league then it might be an interesting reason for me to watch football again.
Feel so touching when watching Enzo playing on the football field vid...exactly like his father.
Sob Sob!!!

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