Apr 4, 2009

Ironman 2 : Shorter hairstyle for Tony Stark

Ironman 2 start shooting this coming Monday after the cast rehearsal for few days.

And Robert Downey jr a.k.a Tony Stark has a shorter hairstyle compared to the hairstyle he had in Ironman.

Woo, first jon bon jovi then keith urban now robert downey jr....of course robert has the best short hairstyle among them. Yea....so handsome....smart!!! (fainted)

'' I'm ironman'' Robert Downey jr (in ShoWest event)
Ironman 2 will not featured ''demon in the bottle'' storyline according to robert but will come across a little bit of it. Arhhh i wanna see drunk tony stark, i think it ain't a problem to Robert Downey jr to play drunk as he play drunk Paul Avery in Zodiac. (Well robert good in playing whatever character...)(self exciting...)
What is Ironman 2 all about?
''A more a look behind the mask of someone who says he’s Iron Man and what it really is to become a superhero,'' Robert said.
Let's be patience again...Ironman 2 will be on the big screen on May 2010. Long long way to go...

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