Apr 3, 2009

Am i ''Rock''?

Cousin 1: ooohhh so noisy...what song it is??? (listening to bounce by BJ) You like rock huh? I dont like it...i prefer R&B.
Me: =_='' Err...haha (forced to smile)( very noisy? What song it is?......Grrr)(better think before you said it...)

Friends: You like noisy song...those really noisy.
Me: =o=''....ahhh....You're the same too....

Me: Wow i like all those song in this restaurant....NICE!!!
Aunt: Of course...it is either heavy metal or hard rock...(not really)

Cousin 2: Hey what new song you've? (Flip all over the file in my phone) Dont you have softer kind of song?
Me: Huh? Er...i didnt have any new song either....

Best pal: Wah...(frowning listen to my song)
Me: It's just not your type....

Sigh. What happen? When've i become a rock lover in the others's sight?
I'm actually a natural country lover, i didnt resist pop either. I love rock only for some specific reason. And i can only accept that kind of rock which filled with passion in it...there're only one that i like. The one and only.

Maybe my phone and iPod loaded with tons of one kind of rock songs that's why get misunderstood by the others ( playing the song Misunderstood...)

Maybe whenever i play on a country song, the others will think that is my dad's favourite. But actually nowadays song dont have a pure one, i mean pure rock of pure whatever. There are but not that much. There'll be like pop rock, indie rock, country rock, country pop, dance pop and etc.

I like rock but not really that really noisy one if not then i might be one of the fans of thing thing park but i'm NOT.

Little cousin: ...( listening to KU song...)
Me: Like it?
Little cousin:No...(shake her head)
Me: Huh..(frowning) How bout this? (tune on BJ song)
Little cousin: (Slightly headbang...) Very nice ....like it.....
Me: Good, how bout his...
Little cousin: Yeah...(headbang again) (another BJ song playin)
Me: haha( self excited...)

This experiment prove that Little cousin like BJ song. Everytime get the same result. So conclusion is me and my Little cousin like the only specific type of rock.

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Anonymous said...

ask they to talk wif me,they will wat's a 'patient of rock' lol