Apr 2, 2009

淹之料理 Ore no Ryouri

Recently playing Ps 1 game again. Accidently, i found out a game that already filled with dust on it. It's my favourite game among all that game i've played in PS 1- Ore no Ryouri. Haha.

I don't know why but maybe the others will think that i'm crazy or what playing this game (like what my parents did) but i really enjoy playing it. Most of the people dont know about this game maybe it is simply a cooking game in their mind...BUT you're wrong!!!

It is a game that you've to work at a shop and prepared food for the customer. There's lot of food depends which shop you working at like ramen, burger, dumpling, ice cream, beers, pizza...etc. (that's too many...) Once you have good perfomance, you'll have to compete with the boss of the shop so you can make it to the next shop.

Beside cooking , you have to do things like call the police to make those drunk people get out of your shop, you also have to wash the dishes....And there is one thing i really dont like to do that is Kill all the cockroach with a slipper~if you didnt finish killing those ''thing'' in time, they 'll fly to the customer and they'll ran away...You have to chase people who didn't pay the bills too.

You control all of this by the analog of your concole. That's really cool and my mum always frown when she saw me playing this game because i always move the analog so hard. Haha. And when you're heard a fat woman in the game said:'' Leong Ngai Leong Ngai...'' Then you know there 're customer paying bills and you're in charge of that too. And my dad is the one saying this words to me when he's sitting beside me watching me playing this game. Make me so nervous.

And i fight with alien too in this game...with our cooking skills of course. Now i'm in the very last chapter where i fight with the Leong Ngai Leong Ngai fat woman....I never thought that she would be my enemy since she's the women behind me all the time...because she sitting at the counter. Haha. There's one thing...that i dont understand this game because all in japanese character, even i try to save and load the game make me take some times to figure it out. However it worth for me.

I think i'm quite good in making drinks and chopping all the foods haha. Only in the games...


Lemon Catz said...

hahahahaha! i like to play cooking games too! its exciting! =)

little-urbanae said...

really o??? this game very fun...