Aug 9, 2009

Goal 2 : Living the dreams

Whoa...i got no idea why this movie is not on the big screen in Malaysia. I still remember the first one Goal, 3 cousins of mine, one of my aunt ( crazy beckhams fans ) and me....all went to watch this movie just because all of our favourite player did a cameo, haha. But after we watch the movie, it's like so awesome. This movie is great!!!

Then the second comes out, living the dreams....Again, it is really great!!! There is thing that this director is really great with his crew and cast. Oh sorry this is a movie about soccer...forget to introduce haah. Ya know the first one when the scene in Newcastle stadium. It was like when we watch it in cinema, we can feel like we're in that stadium. How excited is it.....

So the second one talk about main character Santiago Munez moves from Newcastle to Real Madrid, his dream clubs. He's just a fresh new player but got succeed as well as his dream girl Roz who planning to have their wedding soon.

When comes to Real, things does not go as smooth as he expect. Involves with quarrel, injury, family issue and even his fiancee leaving him....Worst than the first one, pity Munez. He sacks his agent Glen Foy, i was so angry because he's the one treat him like son and really support him all the time.

This movie is so ''full'' from beginning till the end....Never bored watching it. Arhhh but i really hope to watch it in a cinema....It will be much more better. And all the cameo, whoa...the whole team of Real, Arsenal....My two favourite team in the past and the last part is doing the UEFA final of this two club, my bad memories where it really happen in real life...choosing between them.

Although the cast is like no one...but their acting skill is great. Plus the cameo and all the crew effort make this movie so special and nice.....Worth to watch!!! Really worth to watch...

(PS : Looking back at zidane cameo...the feeling is really special...salute to him with no more better player like him after his retire. Arhhh~~~he's the only one i never forget. )

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