Aug 8, 2009

The soloist...finally

I've watch the soloist!!! Just because after oioi say she watched ald...Grrr!!!

This movie is not really those great movie. I mean it is more like A guide to recognizing your saints that kinda movie. Not great does not mean it is not good. For me, i think the director brought out what he wanna talk about-the power of friendship.

And actually i think both robert downey jr and jamie foxx did really good in this movie. They show the relationship they had. I mean like very pure but strong friendship.

After watching i just realize Jamie foxx character Ayers is not only homeless but with not really so called mental problem. Because Robert downey jr character Steve Lopez treat him like a friend then he treat him as his god ( funny part ). Haha Steve Lopez is my god!!! Personally i think Steve Lopez is a quite patience person and really nice.

But actually i dont know is it i give too high expectation on this movie since it likes delay and delay and did not even show in Malaysia so after i watch's like okay...I mean like i got it why this movie dont have a good box office. It's like when you always have those really nice storyline but it did not involve with those stunt and special effect. If like i have to describe this movie i would say it is a simple but really interesting and meaningful movie.

But i have to say that the friendship part is really really strong in this movie. Thumbs up for that!!! I mean like when you watch you will think of friendship and....just watch it and you'll feel it.

And actually many problem happen in society we have ignored like those homeless people. It really should have been give more attention on them. And lastly, Robert Downey jr looks so good in this movie. I like the hairstyle and the way he dress when he going to prom and when Ayers come and find him in the office...haha his boyfriend.

The music in this movie is nice too.....Gonna go and search for it.

(PS : Jamie Foxx character copy Wall-E haha....just kidding...)

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