Sep 25, 2009

Bon Jovi new album tracks WWBTF video shooting

I'm gonna buy this album...deluxe edition for sure because hell ya they looks so YOUNG in this album!!! I mean during all those photoshoot and video shooting!!!

I LOVE richie new hair....shorter the better if FITTER even BETTER. Jon, finally i satisfy with your hair....

I didn't own this picture...I'm just a fans of BJ!!!

Video shooting is done....i think will be included in Deluxe edition. Predicted will be rm 90 sth, but i still think that is worth of it...although after that will be greatest hits. Maybe i can tell my parents to get it as birthday present. Hehe...

But so far We weren't born to follow, i think this song very bon jovi, optimism...Very commercial too. That's why after released as single it has become the MLB promo song. So far so good. At least it is a ROCK album.....Bon Jovi won't go wrong in a rock album!!!

Still waiting for it...HONEY i know you can do it!!!! (put aside downey first, keith maybe sitting at a corner without my notic, haha)

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