Sep 2, 2009


Everyone has a phobia...afraid of something. Most common that we know is afraid of exam, afraid of presentation, this is what we got in school. Some afraid of bacteria, afraid of square, afraid of line....weird right?

Listing out of the phobia, there are really more than what we expect. Phobia can be born with or by trauma. It may can be treat but some usually will be long lasting.

For me, i have phonophobia...fear of sound. I found out recently when i went to a concert. I'm feeling so damn not good when i heard people screaming and yelling. I'm so scare, i never experience before. I'm like the heart is beating so fast and i really feel like wanna put something on my chest to calm myself down. And another time is having dinner in mamak and people is cheering for their football team in a live telecast. I feel like i'm gonna dump my meals and just go off. Or stood up and scold at those people but of course i can't. My heart have very weird feeling other than beating fast. I really dont know what kinda problem it is. And i really found very annoying when i heard people making noise and feeling so insecure for myself. Not a few times but many times. I used to cheer for my teams too and like to go for concert but dont know why it just become like that. It's bad...for a concertgoers like me.

Another phobia...i think it is not a phobia...a fear. I'm not that into egg yolk. I can't stand the smells, the looks.....Eww. Even look at it i wanna vomit. This is a trauma of myself. That a neighbour gave some eggs to me and it is organic eggs when i was young. When my cook cooked it (half boiled egg ), i really don't like it. The smells is bad as well as the taste. From that day on, no more egg yolk for me....I once break an egg yolk and i wash my hands few times with soap to get rid of the smells. If you treat me one millions dolars for eating one hakf boiled egg yolk probably i'll reject the offer. Ew...disgusting.

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