Oct 3, 2010

The Birdies Story

This is based on a true story that happen just outside my house, a few weeks ago. Will be hitting the cinema soon (Only if any director or animation crew will like to adapt this story into an animation, something like the Ga'Hoole, Ga'Hoole!)
From the eggs to bird, they are on their way finding a new home...against the weather, the burung gagak aka crows and cats...are they strong enough to keep their faith and fight for their destiny? (Ok, this is a very lame taglines...)
This is happened a long times ago (will be like a month ago...),
A cute couples of birds were wandering around my house, my rooftops, collecting lots and lots of woodsticks for us.....Nope, they just collected it.
The cute couple of birds, don't they look like Brangelina and I must be the paps!!! (I'm not insulting Brangelina look like birds, okay? They are beautiful couples....)
From their weird behavior and bizarre act, collecting tons of woodsticks, with my Sherlock Holmes sense, I gotta feeling.....they are trying to invade my homeland!!! Ehem, they are trying to rent a small piece of plant in my homeland, building their new home.

Here it is!!! Their dream house, the nest is inside. But, this plant is just about the same height as me. FYI, I'm qualify for the role of Hobbits...ehem, at least I'm taller than Dwaft.
I can't believe they choosing such a normal, not-so-safety plant, or small tree as their new home. Can you imagine one thunderstorm or typhoon come....?? Okay, there are no thunderstorm or typhoon in Malaysia, but how about one really heavy thundering heavy rain.....
A few days later, when I went over and check on that small tree....I found somebody peeking at me!!! I mean it should somebody peeking at me inside the small tree!!

One of the birdies lying nicely on her nest, I think this is the Bird Mama.
So, they are illegally staying in my house without paying a rent....(I would like to have some bird nest's soup as the rental payment, hehehe!!) What shocked me later is that, check out the picture below!!!!

Bird Mama lays two eggs!!!!! (My dad got so nervous that he snap this picture in black and white mode!)

So, we're so excited as well that everyday we go and have a peek on them (Snap their picture like we're papa, papa, paparazzi~~~). Ya, we're like some freaks that act like there's a Lady Gaga or Beyonce living in that small tree. So, we checking out them everyday!!!

It took about two or three weeks, finally.....the baby birdies is here~~~

Bird Mama look so fierce while I went to take a photo of the baby birdies, no, I didnt pay a millions dollars to have their baby's picture as Rock It Heartless's cover. Oh god, I might get sued by Bird Mama then.

Here you go, baby birdies. They looks like some fluffy thingy.

Sometimes, Bird Mama will fly out for foods or get a rest. That's the time, we able to check out the new born birdies, of course we trying to stay on a distance so that we won't freak them out. We're like ORGE to those birds, because we're huge right!?

Bird Mama giving love to the twins, givin them warmness in rainy days.

Sometimes Bird Mama will came out to the balcony (The place where we dry my shirt...) and have a rest.

But, the crows have been wandering on the sky above the small tree lately. We "shoo" them away!! No worry! Although Bird Mama didn't pay me rent, but I'll still protect them!!!

Look at the close up on those baby birdies, they look like duckling....!!!

Another thing is that, the heavy rain. Ya know, the weather in KL lately is soooooo HORRIBLE! They can have summer sunshine afternoon, and suddenly it just give us a heavy pouring rain, with thundering plus storm like wind. We've been thinking of giving a clothes to shade the birdies family. But we afraid this might scare them off, or out of a sudden, the clothes got so heavy and fell off the nest (OMG, I can't imagine that....) So, we can't do anythings on that but hope Bird Mama will protect their babies with the waterproof feathers. That's so TOUCHING!!!

Baby Birdies in early morning!!! They are getting BIGGER and BIGGER!!!!

Now, I'm thinking that whether I have the chance to film them learning how to fly....and soar to the sky~~~~That would be real cool!!! I'm like working for Animal Planet right now!!! Haha! Hopefully, they will grow well and get as tough as their Mama soon!! (I don't see their daddy after the first day they renting our small tree.....Bad Daddy!!)

How the young little baby Birdies will be in the future? Will they get challenge by the Cros or wild cats? Will they figure out who is their daddy? Please stay tune and check out the sequels!!! (We havent even make the first one....!!!)
(PS : Any directors who are interested to take the adaptation of this story, please feel free to shoot an email to rockitheartless@hotmail.my . This will be a HITS!!! :D Just kidding!)

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