Oct 9, 2010

The Pancakes Fantasy : Paddington House of Pancakes

When it comes to pancakes, what comes in my mind will be typical Mama's style 2 or 3 pancakes stack together with a jar of maple sauce or honey beside it (Of course you'll pour that honey or maple sauce on it~~). I'm not really a big fans of pancakes and there's only one word for pancakes, SWEET!!

I realize I'm all wrong after I met the fantasy of the pancakes (My description on Paddington House of Pancakes.) Pancakes can be variety in size, thickness and "species"!!! After seeking "advice" from my friends (as I'm interested in the Pancakes house but kinda afraid of the boreness of pancakes. I always have a thinking that is it that American kids will have pancakes quite oftenly as breakfast?? I know Paddington is in UK.), I go and give it a try at Paddington House of Pancakes in The Curve, Damansara.

The ambience of this Pancakes house is nice, but not my type though (Hmm, it cant consider as quiet, and it don't give me a home-like feeling.).

They have lots of chandelier~~Sleepy type of chandelier.

Hanging lots of photo frames. I didn't notice what photo is it because I'm too concentrated seeking for pancakes!!!

I gotta say that Paddington House of Pancakes offer VARIETIES of Pancakes!!! They have sweet or salty, light or heavy, vege or carnivor (Yum, Yum, suit me best!!). We're having trouble flipping through the menu because again, too many choices!
Of course, I almost go crazy when I spotted a word in the menu (should be two words)......SMOKED SALMON!!! I was "shocked" and go panic, FYI, I'm a Smoked Salmon die hard fans!!!! And I never thought of pancakes got anything to do with smoked salmon. There are two types of smoked salmon pancakes dishes, one is Zurich, another is Alaska. But I don't have the dare to order one, as it's hard to get smoked salmon in a restaurant (Seriously, it's hard to get it in Japanese cuisine restaurant as well.), and not all of the restaurant can make a good smoked salmon! So I gave up.
There still have plenty of choices, from poultry to beef, lamb to vege, seafood to breakfast and desert. So I end up ordering Lisbon which is a poultry species pancakes, my pals give it a try on strawberry pancakes with whipped cheese and another friend was like challenging me by ordering Alaska, that smoked salmon. I ask him, how if the smoked salmon taste real good? Well, most probably I will choked him till dead for eating smoked salmon in front of me.
So here comes the PANCAKES!!!! Pancake attack!!

Alaska, smoked salmon with cheesy scramble eggs, potato pancakes, vege and puree sauce.

Damn, huge portion of smoked salmon, but it taste slightly salty, not the best smoked salmon, but it's one of the best smoked salmon pancakes you can try out in Paddington house of Pancakes.

The Alaska is quite full as it has two pieces of potato pancakes in it. And for me, I think it's consider as a large portion. And here comes my Lisbon. I'm eating Lisbon in Paddington in Malaysia. How funny is that!

Lisbon, chicken fillet with stuffed prawns, mozarella cheese, mushroom, vege and garlic parmesan sauce.

Just want to show you the "interior design" of Lisbon.

I LOVE this soooooo much!!! The prawns are fresh, taste real nice, the chicken in the thin crepes-like pancakes is huge! By adding the garlic parmesan sauce perfect the dishes!!! The melted mozarella cheese with a mix of prawns and chicken fillet and the aroma of garlic parmesan sauce will satisfy your tastebud!! THUMBS UP for this one!!!
This is the desert pancakes~Recommended if you cant eat that much. But my friends feel quite full after finishing the two pieces of this cute lil pancakes though.
Strawberry pancakes with whipped cheese and berries. Looks really nice!!

Looks small but the interior is stuffed with lots of whipped cheese and berries.
Quite a nice place to chillin' out with your buddies, nice food (DEFINATELY!!!)!!! The price is range somewhere around RM18 to RM 30 sth for the pancakes. If you're a beef lover, you can try out some beef species pancakes there too!! I will like to go for second time for sure!! The breakfast looks temptating!!!
(PS : You know what? They have chocolate crepes cakes!!!!! But you have to order the cakes though something like one day before that. I think the price is RM80 per cake! Ehem, I think I have a nominees of my upcoming birthday!!! Can you hear me? :D)

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