Oct 16, 2010

Michael Douglas : The fight against cancer

Rumour flying around, stating that our tycoon "Gekko" aka Michael Douglas has reach the dead end for fighting with throat cancer while some saying that Michael Douglas is recovering from the throat cancer!!!

Will the "tycoon" able to fight against the cancer?

This is really sad that another days while I check on the newspaper, they saying that Catherine Zeta Jones (Douglas's wifey, who I like a lot when come to actress....she's hot too~) has canceled all her acting and working schedule to rush back to accompany the last journey of Michael Douglas. Meanwhile, they say that Douglas really coming to the end and there is no more chemotheraphy for Douglas as he reach the very last stages of the throat cancer! I was like kinda shocking when I heard about this as I love both of them much!!!

Awesome couple!!!!
However, the recent news stated that Michael Douglas's condition is not that optimistic and he has make a final change of his will. He has completed his throat cancer chemotheraphy treatment (which is a really really exhausting treatment that gives soooo many side effect.) Chemo is a very tough treatment for patient! The rep of Wall Street : Money Never Sleeps deny by saying that Michael is doing well fighting against the cancer.

Michael Douglas looking fine after finishing his chemo treatment.
Michael Douglas is fighting against a stage four throat cancer. I feel really happy that Michael Douglas is brave to fight against the cancer and receiving treatment for it, the way he dealing with it make me feel like wanna do a typical thing I love to do-SALUTE!!! Well, now all that we can hope is that he can continue to keep a optimistic attitude and get well soon.

(PS : May God bless Michael Douglas, get well soon!!!!)

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