Oct 16, 2010

The Birdies Story Part 2 : The Twist Ending

On the day of 10.10.10, something RIDICULOUS happened!!!

The baby birdies still doing great, healthy after a few days (2 or 3 days~).

Bird Mama still protecting the baby birdie!!!

And just in the blink of eyes or the speed of light, the baby birdie grow into a Mama look-a-like birdie just in 3 days!!

Look at their feathers and the tones of the color!!! Look exactly like the Bird Mama.

Just when they grow like Bird Mama. The afternoon, we heard something flapping their wings, while we go out and check it out. They gone, baby birdie with bird Mama. We don't even notice they "practicing" for that!!!

They left a nest for me as rental payment, I guess.

They are long gone, after the afternoon on 10.10.10. Why my house animal love to left me at such special day!!! Previously, my pet crab left me at new year!! Casillas (My pet's crab name, Crab looks like Goalkeeper right!?) left me after I came home from my new year count down.

Credit : Special capture of my pet crabbie, Casillas.

That's quite sad to know that Birdies left us.....but hope they will find a new life!!!! Soar for your life, Birdies!!!

(PS : To Birdies-actually I never thought of collecting the rental payment from you guys, you guys can come back whenever you guys want!!! The nest is always there for you, the Birdies!!!)

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