Nov 11, 2010

The preview screening of Unstoppable (2010)

Went to the preview screening of Unstoppable at eCurve! Two things really grab my attention for this movie when it came out, the TRAIN (Makes me remind of The Taking of Pelham 123, which is also directed by Tony Scott!!) and Denzel Washington (This man makes it into my favourite list ald!!!!)!

The conclusion is.....this freaks train really blows my mind away! Double thumbs up!

The Freaks Train is here!!!!

Again, Tony Scott impress us with his technique of presenting the action through train (After Pelham 123)! The collaboration and hero-act of Denzel Washington and Chris Pine in this movie is amazing!

Who will make the correct decision? The young conductor or the old and experienced engineer?

This movie is based on a true story where a mistake of an enginner who cause the Beast 777 (The train) to runaway on the railway without anyone controlling it which it is going to danger the hundred thousand of citizen's lives.

To save the others lives or your lives?

Frank (Denzel Washington) is an old engineer that work for 28 years for the railway company in controlling the train and Will (Chris Pine) is a young conductor that join the company few months ago. Meanwhile, the company is firing old workers and keep recruiting new and young workers. This cause a conflict between young and old worker. On the first day where Frank and Will work together, they encounter with a disasterous problem-a runaway train heading in the opposite direction towards them which is carrying tons of toxify chemical which can caused GREAT explosion!

In this movie, a few characters play an important role which proves us with the teamworks between Ned, Connie, Frank, Will and Inspector Werner at different place with different skill and knowledge will make a difference compared to them who judge the situation by themselves alone. This is slightly different from pelham 123 which give more attention to the train (I think 777 has more screening time than Washington and Pine, or maybe 1206-another train's number.) The way they show the selfishness and sacrifice of different person.

Denzel Washington plays the hero again!!!

In this film, you can see that the experience that Denzel Washington gains all this years beats the Inspector's theory and Chris Pine's opinion on the new technology that used for the train. That's really cool and Washington brings in quite a lot of funny elements in this movie. Talented actor!

The moment that they chasing against the time to save the train really fasten your heartbeats as well as the way they trying to slow down the train. Tony Scott is real good in bringing out the story flow and shooting an action film. Twice he had proved to us that he can give us a real cool action flick even without any weapons but a TRAIN!!!!!

A nice action movie is my conclusion on Unstopppable. Your heartbeats are really Unstoppable while watching this one! Doooo~dooooo~let's go for a train ride!!!!

(PS: I'm highly not satisfy with eCurve's washroom directory signboard and the carpark ticket paying machines which don't works that we need to walk here and there only that the eCurve person ask us to directly pay at exits there! BTW, the carpark floor is so slippery that an Adidas and Puma shoes can't stand the slippery. To blame on the shoes or floor?)

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