Nov 6, 2010

Bald stand for Sexy!

Few years back, this is what people have in mind when they come across the word bald or people with bald head.....

-They are bad, they are bad guys, they are really really bad guys!!!!
-Ewwww, that looks ugly!

-Hair loss!?
-They are scary!!!

Whatever! But now!!!! Bald is the new trend of being sexy! You had mohawk, long hair, faux, curly hair, or whatever.....most people now would go simple and clean-Bald, and guess what, they look damn hot!

Let show us the proves!

I think most people will think of him when nwe talking about's Bruce Willis!!!! The action movie star that can fight, good looking, can act, with six packs (Back to some times, I bet he had, for now I'm not sure!) and he's bald and still THAT SEXY!

Die hard or tell me that I'm sexy!

Ya, no one can deny the sexiness of Bruce Willis. Of course, when you go bald, with your great features....the face would boost your "good looking" level to the max. Therefore, I will conclude that if you look good in bald, you would've no problem with having other hairstyle!

"Really!?" Bruce Willis.

Bruce Willis go clean for W magazine!

Bruce Willis is my favourite action artist among all of them!!! He's the representative for the hot sexy bald artists i guess!

The following is also an action hero.....Vin Diesel! Almost the same like Bruce Willis, with charming look, muscular body (I just figure out most of the people with bald head have muscular body, is that a fact!?) and he's an action star~~~

Scream lady! SCREAM!!!!


This looks soooo cool!

Vin Diesel look cool when he don't smile and he looks sooo charming when he smile~~~ No doubt on his acting skill and no doubt that bald people is kinda multi-talent? Is that another facts? Not all but most?

Another one would be Jason Statham! The sexy transporter!

"Ya, you calling me?"
Again, muscular body! See, see, see! I told ya!!!! The fact is true!!!! And action star!

Jason looks so cool with his bald head.

Especially when it comes to the action part!!!!

They can say it out loud that "We dont need a hair to look much cooler or sexier!!!!" Look out Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp!!

We got hunk with bald head in the music industry too!!!! Chris Daughtry!!!Agrh, my favourite band after Bon jovi! He can sing, he can compose song, he can sometimes act (cameo) and he's good looking with the bald head too~~~~

Back to few months back, Chris Daughtry try to grow some hair and it turn out (for me) look a lil' weird and when he shave it all off, BINGO! Here go our macho Daughtry again! I gotta say that I love his vocal too other than his bald head!

"I told ya bald head WORKS!!!!"

Looking soooo damn good looking while still can sing, I mean the second one from the left!
Let's go for the sport industry!!! We have Andre Agassi!!!!! The pince of the Tennis who ald retired...!

Aren't he looks like Colin Farrell with a bald head?
Not that he looking good in bald but he can play very well in tennis too. And he don't looks like a bad guy! He looks a damn nice people!

"Thank you, thank you for your support!!!"

Other than that, we have some really good looking bald head football player too. (I sound like I'm selling something!) My favourite (Hehe, since I'm a Gooners!!! So let me introduce some gunners to you), it's an ex-gunners, Fredrik Ljungberg!!!!

Looking good in bald and playing well with the ball!!!

He's a model for Calvin Klein too!!!!
Thanks god! Women is not playing against men in football, if I was in the match, I will definately melted or I will "tackle" him BADLY!!! Hahahaha!

You can look stylish as Ljungberg without the need of hair setting-go bald!!!

Back to the real classic guy in the football field! He's the one that his hairstyle have been grabbing my attention everytime! He's the Brad pitt on the field...who else but David Beckham! Oh c'mon don't tell me that it's Christiano Ronaldo. (Sorry, for me, C.Ro is nothing!!! Oops, out of topic!)

I wonder this poster kill how many women out there?
Becks try to go bald before but just couldn't found a much clearer bald picture of him! But I guess the following picture will be close to it!

I know most of you all not paying attention to the hair ald!!!

The next one would be my personal favourite people with bald head's choice! He's due to natural hair loss according to's my most admirer football player of all time, Zinedine Zidane!!!

He's a French-Algerian!
Not only looking good in bald (at least for me, he is!!!!!) but he's the Magician on the field! Becks say if he could collaborate with someone on the field, that must be Zidane! Argh, this proves that most people with bald head is very talented!

Zidane with Lenny Kravitz!

This one, who going bald next still looking good or should I say beautiful...I would give a double thumb up for HER!!!! Yes, it's a HER!!!! Natalie Portman!!!!

She looks sooo pretty with bald head!!!!

Awesome! Bravo! Fantastic!!!!
Natalie Portman is the best examples of going bald still looking SEXAY among all!!!!! One of the worst examples will be Britney Spears! Sorry guys, love Britney's song but not her bald haircutting!
Hmm, it's now give you some surprise! Our very good looking Brad goooooo BALD!!!

Brad go bald!?

No worry, ladies! It's just for that Benjamin Button's looks!!!! Still looking okay.....! Brad looks good in everything!!!!

Here come "a typical bald guy looks bad's looks!!!" (Try to read it fast in one shot!!! Haha! )
It's John Travolta!!!!!!
This look WOW me!!!!!
The following will be some people looking good in buzz cut that I'm sure will look good in bald head too!!!!

I think Tom Cruise can consider go bald...!

Legolas go bald shouldn't be a problem!!!

Let's see whether Johnny Depp can get a good bald head cut from Edward Scissorhands!
I think Johnny Depp will looks good in bald because I think he looks much better in clean cut and his features (face) is good! And let's have short version of my point of view if this guys go bald!
George Clooney-Still prefer his salt and peppper hair! It's the signature!!
Jude Law-Well, Favreau and Downey are calling him Hot-son! What else can I say!
Robert Downey jr-Buzz cut is enough! But I don't mind he go for bald!!!
Lady Gaga-Going bald or not going bald will not be an issues for her! Let's have a try!
Tom Hanks-Urgh, it's a NO!
Justin Bieber-You can only have one hairstyle....the current one!
Adam Lambert-Shouldn't be a problem but prefer Glambert with hair!
Scarlett Johansson-Definately a YES!! Will be beautiful!
Jon Hamm-(Nod my head) APPROVE!!!
Ellen Degeneres- 0_O''
Simon Cowell- He will get a Simon Cowell's comment if he go bald!
Ryan Seacrest-Sorry, it's not for you!
Jon Bon Jovi- I wish he will give it a try!!!!
Keith Urban-NO WAY!!!! Keep your long hair!!!!

That's all for this bald equals to sey thingy! Well, you can give it a try on bald too! Bald now stand for, sexy, smart, muscular, beautiful, talented......!!!!
(PS : I'm not sure whether if I miss out other people with bald head looking good out there (Sorry, just cant mention that much)!!! Feel free to comment and NOMINATE them!)

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