Nov 5, 2010

When the seafood come alive-Lala Chong Seafood Restaurant

Urbanae went to have a dinner with family while everyone was celebrating Deepavali!! Yahooo~~

It's back to few weeks ago when my family and I went and search for this so called LaLa Chong seafood restaurant. Near terminal Subang....where you can "pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars"!!! But it's lost!!!!

However, with google map in hand, We able to find it!!! The same restaurant but it's franchise, something like that!!! I think it's the new one they moved from Subang?

There got no seaside view but definately you can SMELL the seafood coming!!!

As usual, we always looking for the same things when we reach LaLa Chong seafood restaurant. The three KINGS, I guess.....the freak-out monster look alike Mantis Prawn, the king of the sea Crabby (Kids, I'm not very sure whether it is the king of the sea! I'm just saying!) and the very LaLa style of seafood tofu soup!!!

The Mantis Prawn is swimming~~~Not much people love to eat IT!

Fishy, fishy in the aquarium~

Mantis prawn taste real good when you cook it with salt pepper (Remind me of George Clooney's hair! Oops!) or just steam it with chinese wine (only if that Mantis Prawn is big enough). I would go for salt and pepper though because I like the taste of....George Clooney....I mean salt and pepper. The crab, LaLa Chong is popular with it's sweet and spicy sauce or butter or the salty eggs~~~Plus, when you go to LaLa Chong, it is a MUST to try their LaLa....the GREAT combination wine, ginger, chilli and garlic fusion with the LaLa (clams). In mandarin, we called it Shang Tang La La or in cantonese, Xiong Tong La La.

Urbanae's MUST for eating seafood, COCO-NUTS!

We try one of their quite popular dishes, the paku with tuna! Sounds weird but it is a kinda ferneaf cooked with tuna. It's kinda HOT ( Spicy, I cannot eat spicy thingy. So called WEAK.)

The Paku Vege with tuna!!!!

The salt and pepper Mantis prawn....Hmmm~~~

Since I'm a lamb can I miss out the lamb!!!!! The dipping sauce is homemade, something like mint sauce but taste much better. Suits for Asian with a lil' spicy in it.

Meh~~~~the roast lamb cutlets!

Tada!! The crabby! Sweet and spicy!

The Seafood Tofu soup......taste really nice!!!!

For the crab, it is really fresh! Juicy! The vege and mantis prawn is nice. The lamb, ehem....not that nice! As an experienced lamb lover who have been searching for lamb all over the land, this lamb here consider not that juicy and lack of the aroma of spice! But, thumbs up for that mint-like dipping sauce. The Seafood Tofu soup is superb! But for the crab, it is good but not as good as that one in Hainan Village! That is the most freakin' YUMMY crab I ever tried soooooo far!

However, it is really worth to have your meal at LaLa Chong!

It is located at Kampung Sungai Kayu Ara ,Lot 13556, Jalan Cempaka, Kayu Ara Damansara, 47400, PJ. For more details, please call 03-77281906. Yo, nice food is meant to be shared! Go and try it out! (It's originally located near Terminal Subang there but is no more there~)

( PS : I still prefer to eat at Subang there! Now, I got no more airplanes to make wishes as they are like shooting stars. :( )

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