Aug 2, 2011

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 movie review

Finally, it all ends and it ends well.

Decades. seven books, one great storyline, brought into big screen and both the books and movies become the greatest phenomenon on earth! Box office lead the movie join the billion dollar club, adapted from best selling and greatest books of all time, all these factors can't be wrong.

As a big, huge, "ginormous" fans of Harry Potter the books myself has been struggling to watch the Deathly Hallows part 2, finally watched it before it really "ends". 3 weeks after the release date and still loads of people want to watch it, some for the third or fourth times. Let's save the nonsense talking and do the movie talking!

We knew that the Part 1 stop around Dobby's death which is really heartbreaking! And this one start with the reliance on Griphook to sneak into the Gringotts Wizarding Bank and find all those Horcruxes, the battle of Hogwarts and defeat Voldemort. I think Deathly Hallows Part 2 is much much much better than the previous Harry Potter films, at least they didn't skip much storyline although there're still few they didn't state clearly. Most entertaining and impressive part in this movie must be Gringotts Wizarding Bank, Battle of Hogwarts and the Snape's secret pensieve reminiscence scene, burst crying!!!

Hermione disguise as Bellatrix and Ron looks so alike to Sirius Black, I mean the hair and beard!

Where's the Hufflepuff cup?

The Gringotts scene is thrilling, I love it when they get into the Vault. And the way they present the duplication of the cup scene is almost the same as I imagine when I'm reading the book. The dragon is amazing! It's pretty perfect, for me.

Next, let's go to the Battle of Hogwarts!! The visual effect is awesome! The Orge, the Hogwarts guardian soldier.....I think they should have more wizard battle movie in Hollywood!

Hogwarts in a mess!

Voldy using the green lightsaber?

The most anticipate part for Deathly Hallows to be made into the movie screen definately will be the "Look At Me!" part and the Snape pensieve memory "Always" reminiscene, the Prince tales part! I think Alan Rickman aka Snape potrayed Snape so well!! He's the only one that fit to potrayed Severus Snape!! Especially the "Always" part! He deserves something for the acting! The ending for the movie, the epilogue is good. Overall, it's the best movie in the Potter series.

So, here's some of my thought regard the movie :

-The Voldemort fetus under the bench scene when Potter met with Dumbledore, thumbs up for that! That's how it should look like!
-During the Battle of Hogwarts scene, I have teary eyes when wizards guarding Hogwarts, my mind pop up a lot of the following scenes that I read from the books, I know it's going to end and same goes to both my favorite, Lupin and Snape.
-Poor Sirius (Gary Oldman) has only one scene, well it's the same as the book. But he looks older, after his death, falling into the veil. Haha! I'm not laughing at the curtain kill Sirius Black! :P
-The scene where Nagini killed Snape, can I say well done? I mean the scene. Because I can feel pain and heartache everytime it hits Snape towards the glasses, or wall.
-I didn't cry during Snape "Always" scene, I cry when I read the book but I can still feel it, they carry out the scene in a really nice way. T.T
-The way, Tonks, Lupin, Fred died should be focus more in the movie. Just the dead body scenes isn't enough.
-"It is the quality of ones convictions that determine success, not the number of followers." "Who said that?" "Me." Lupin makes me laugh!
-Potter's son Albus Severus in the epilogue scene is soooo cute!
-I feel sad and angry when people call Snape coward during his duel with Prof. McGonagall, where he's trying not to harm her and they don't know what Snape did all this time!!! Okay, okay, the character in the book didn't read the book. No blaming.

You'll be remember! A Slytherin that died like a Gryffindor, the bravest man in the wizarding world!

Applause to both my favorite character, Lupin (Thewlis) and Snape (Rickman) at the last day on the set of Harry Potter.

The movie is good although Deathly Hallows not my favorite book among Harry Potter. In the end, I would like to thanks Joe Rowling for writing such an amazing story for us! The story will never end, as it will remain in our heart! Mischief managed!

(PS : I'm waiting for my Harry Potter books to come to me as I finish reading the books by borrowing from different friends! Anyone wanna buy me a boxset of the books is highly welcomed to contact me. Urgh, gonna read the book again!)


MichLeong said...

Like it very much too! But my friends don't understand why I like it so much. tsk

CrazyAlien said...

Haha probably they haven't read the books before? Which scenes you like the most in this one?