Aug 12, 2011

Sushi Zanmai, simply sushi craving.

I seem to crave for Japanese cuisine a lot lately. Just because Sushi is something that satisfy me as a food and art at the same time, "Sushi is artistic" quoted from Banny, me myself! And when it comes to Japanese cuisine, Sushi King is no longer in the league. Sushi Zanmai is the newcomer into my list, although I still put Sushi Tei as first choice!

I've been to Zanmai few times, the price is slightly "affordable" than Sushi Tei and I love their sushi sooooo much compared to those Don Don Don, Ramen and so called main dishes. Went to Zanmai again last weeks with my buddies and had some good foods and good laugh there.

Zanmai green tea.

As usual, one thing won't come missing in my order when it comes to Japanese food, SMOKED SALMON! I don't know but if I found out that there's no smoked salmon on the menu of a restaurant especially Japanese Restaurant, ya know, I will just walk away BECAUSE IT'S SO IMPORTANT TO ME!!!!! I try out some sushi stuff and my buddies just go for Don and Ramen.

Mentai oyster with agar like thingy at the bottom, tamago mentai, crabby mayo and smoked salmon.

Close up!

I tried out their new sushi, the oyster mentai with the agar thingy, SUPERB! I love it so much, Zanmai been so good in Mentai sushi and oyster always my favorite. I have no idea that agar thingy would make such a great combination with mentai and oyster. A recommendation from me! While my buddy is enjoying her tamago and mayo crabby and ignoring me. Smoked salmon seems to be....hmm, I don't know, the portion and the "scale" has been decreased in size by the chef. Not so happy with that! And I try out the Zanmai's Seafood Hiyashi Chuuka and some other sushi as well.

Seafood Hiyashi Chuuka.

Salmon, scallops, salmon roe and crab meat with cucumber.

The dragon roll, with soft shell crab.

Smoked bonito, salmon belly and smoked salmon AGAIN!

Smoked bonito close up!

The Hiyashi Chuuka get two thumbs up from me! Cold soba is a dish that can delight my appetite and it's the only noodle I will eat (I'm a rice person.). The noddle is so refreshing, the scallops and salmon is fresh! The crab meat is juicy and salmon roe, OHHHH NOOOO! It burst in your mouth and tingling your tastebuds. Just-so-nice! I will definitely have it again for the second time. As for the dragon roll, surprising factor that it is wrapped by a thin sliced of cucumber. It taste good, of course and my buddy seems to enjoy the salmon belly as well but I just stick to my smoked salmon. Oh ya, the smoked bonito. I love the crushed ginger on top, it taste really nice but the bonito....I thought it smoked but I cant feel the taste at all. Improvision needed!

It's really nice time having dinner with my buddies at Sushi Zanmai. The only thing is, they serve a broken tea cup to my friend, not the first time but previously they did the same thing for a few times. I think they should check out their plates and glasses. There's big crack on the cup and they serve it with hot tea, imagine if my friend drinking it and it broken, who's responsibility for that? I mean the injury. I hope Zanmai can do something on that! The food is nice but serving plates and cup...not so.

(PS : I love sushi....should have go for Sushi Tei again next time! )

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Ann Marie said...

Looking at your sushi pic's makes me envious. I love sushi too. Unfortunately, sushi restaurants in my neck of the woods, stopped serving fresh tuna. Instead they get the pre-packaged stuff. Forget anything exotic. I miss my old sushi restaurant! Consider yourself lucky to have Sushi Zanmai.