Aug 12, 2011

Rising super baby model, Dennis

He's a rising model, a really cool and cute dude that stole the million of hearts from the girls all over the world and BOYS! He's not David Beckham, Brad Pitt, Justin...Bieber? Nope, no, NOOOO!! But he's one big phenomenon in the modeling industry, he's......Dennis!

Dennis, the cute little stuff!!

Dennis is a baby model, he's only 4 to 5 years old....but he ald got tons of company grabbing him and get him to be their clothing line's ambassador and model. He's been on few magazine cover. WHAT!? Yes, magazine cover! The things is that he's real cute and cool! He's the major model for Tom's morning and Babyfactory.

Look at him! Wonder how many girls killed by his cuteness (I'm one...).

He has this really beautiful eyes and brownish hair thanks to the inheritance of gene from his Korean and Austrian mom and dad. And the smile! Dennis mainly modeling for clothing and fashion line. But I bet one day, my goodness, when he grown up.....I dare not imagine till that far because now he's one super cute killing machine ald.

The pose and outfit, awwww....CUTE!!

Super cool Dennis!

Natural shot.

I think most of his posing and modeling is quite natural. He's really potential and I hope and wish the best for him! I mean 5 years old, what the heck I'm doing when I'm 5 years old!!? I love this kid a lot....wonder what's his mother tongue?

(PS : Another killing machine is generated. Sigh, the world is changing. )


NekO said...

where did u find dennis's photo! omg! pls tel me ;x

CrazyAlien said...

Hi there. I just browse over the net and find it. Kinda difficult to get Dennis photo though. Mostly from google. :)