Sep 23, 2011

Sherlock Holmes 2 : RDJ Goes Chinese

Sherlock Holmes 2 update!

Recently on the set of SH2, Rubber Ducky Jr aka RDJ is spotted disguising as a chinese man, with the robe, the glasses, braided ponytails and round glasses.

Are you sure that's, Sherlock.....Holmes?

Feel like Holmes's up to something!

This one is epic! Downey in half bald while spotted discussing with Guy Ritchie and Rachel McAdams on set.

There's lot of disguise for Holmes in SH2. First, a women, now a chinese man. This is going to be sooooo interesting!

(PS : More disguise!! We want more! By the way, congrats Downey on being a dad SOON! Can't wait for the flick as well as the baby! )

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