Sep 23, 2011

Arthur's day celebration 2011 : Party with Taio Cruz

Yes! Everybody was chilling and partying last night, globally because we party for Arthur! It's Arthur's day celebration! Same in Malaysia and the event held at Sepang Speed City, KL aka Selangor Turf Club! Go, horses go!! No, no just give me some Guinness will do! (Stop crapping!)

The gate open at 6pm, should be starting around 7pm, and I arrived at 8pm like I'm Diva! Nooo! It's because traffic jam's everywhere! So, it's an outdoor event. No lounge, hall, nothing but open air!

There's a big HOLLYWOOD sign look alike, Arthur's day sign at the entrance.

They have a lounge too, but with purchase, you can only get access into it.

Display of Guinness merchandise.

Celebs start to walk the red carpet and Guinness lady posing with the celebs, and this celebs name Urbanae, okay, okay...that's me!

Okay, when I get there. Prema Yin ald performing! I was like shoot! But to be honest, my target of the day is.....You're wrong if you said Taio Cruz. I was waiting for Mizz Nina actually! She's a nice and talented artist, isn't she? But when I was there, the crowd isn't much. Not packed. So, I was wandering around and snap some pictures.

The visual lightning effect was great!

Here you go, I spot light saber!

Rocking the stage!

The crowd.

To be honest, I'm a bit disappointed regard on the venue. It's a bit bored. I'm not really enjoying the show. And I left before Mizz Nina came out. First, the venue is not well decorated, Guinness lads and lady at the display booths didn't explain or try to approach us when we're checking out the display. Second, no free flow of Guinness. I don't know, but I will tend to compare with Hennessy Artistry as they would offered us drinks and the environment is much better compared to this one. I thought this will be much like a party where we can music, booze and nice hang out place while chilling out with friends. But, it was bored.

As I left, many others leave as well. So, I was quite shock and feel better, as I'm not the only one that feel it's bored. I think, Guinness should improve their venue set up and planning for next Arthur's day. Maybe they should have some game or entertaining booth, so that they can interact with the guest and the guest can have some fun as well. It's okay, but not attractive and comfort enough.

( PS : This is the first time ever I left half way at an event. :/ )

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