Sep 22, 2011

Favorite cookies at the moment : Pepperidge Farm

Hey, I'm back! Yes, I'm gonna admit that I've been left out/abandoned my blog like for probably months! Was busying with my labwork, not some Rocket Science thingy but it's "good" enough to kill off my times.

Let's stop giving excuse and do the blogging! I'm addicted to cookies lately. Honestly, not a big fans of cookies myself. You know they are dried, some food that can makes you feel thirsty and heaty after consuming them. But lately, I found one that's really "my pack of cookies"'s cookies! And it's from Pepperidge Farm!!

Pepperidge Farm cookies make me a cookies monster!!

You guys really need to try it out. Pepperidge Farm has variety of flavor when it comes to cookies. And I only love a particular type among them, and the CHOSEN ONE is the Soft Chunk Dark Chocolate Brownies Cookies! Yes, soft chunk means it's soft baked, not as crunchy as normal cookies and it's actually CHEWY!

Let's sneak inside the cookies packet!

I gotta said that the dark chocolate aroma is good and there's loads of dark chocolate CHUNKS well distributed inside the cookies! Since, it is soft baked, yeah dryness, and it's chewy! It's not like gum, the chewiness is just nice.

It's quite a huge pieces.

I'm pretty enjoying soft baked cookies and "accidently" got myself hooked on it. So, I'm trying my best just to eat one piece per day. It's cool to be cookies monster but not so cool, when you're a fat cookies monster!

( PS : Check it out! Who knows you might like it!! And maybe we can be friends then, cookies friends. :) )

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Moonlike said...

Looks yummie. I actually already have enough just by lookin at these. :P