Oct 28, 2012

Halloween Special : Pumpkin Surgery

Halloween is just around the corner and before that, when I'm in the mood of celebrating the massive festival of the year, I found a disaster happening to me this morning.

Few days ago, I brought home a faceless pumpkin from the market and thought of giving the pumpkin a plastic surgery which I name it as Two-Face Pumpkin. The surgery went well although I'm not sure whether my skill of carving the little pumpkin a new face is in a satisfactory level. Okay, I start babbling again~ Fast forward, this morning, I found that Two-Face Pumpkin had fungus growing over his teeth (Sweet tooth! Told em not to eat too much of sweets!).

See the black spongy thingy! Eww!

First thing came across my mind, hell no! Halloween is coming and Two-Face Pumpkin must not be absent for the big festival. Grab my surgical tool (engraving knife) and be a doctor I always want to be, Doctor Who? Doctor HY it is! Deep down I think that Doctor Banny might sound friendlier (Still miss my old name Urbanae/Banny.).

With all the skill I learnt during my uni life, first thing to do is to scrape out the fungus and throw it a fungus test to certify it!

You dear little fungus~
Of course I don't have any chemical or apparatus with me to perform a test for the fungus piece but I guess I just identify it through the morphology. Yay, spongy and dark, fungus, it is (start to talk like Master Yoda)! To be specify, it's a mold.

Two-Face Pumpkin isn't feeling well.

Without any doubt, I make a decision to perform a skull operation as the internal of the pumpkin must have been infected and needed to be removed immediately (Oh man, I sound like Rick from Walking Dead! Ooops, spoiler alert!). It would have rotten no matter how but we are doing this just to lengthen Two-Face Pumpkin's lives, without anesthesia (Poor thing!). The following picture is disgusting and with strong violence and gore, please avoid if you're under 16.

The skull taken off with some brainy and internal organs and etc etc. *vomit*
To avoid the condition deteriorate, spatula has used to removed all the infected parts, which is almost most of it (><)''. Half way through the operation, the worst thing happened.  

Two-Face Pumpkin is striked by nausea and vomiting...

This cause difficulty in removing the infected parts but lady luck is with me, I found the main infected area and remove it!

It was building its base at the jaw area! Mushy and slimy! Yikes!

Totally forgotten the other faces of Two-Face Pumpkin, having a brainiac time. Poor thingy!

After hours of hours struggling with this surgery, all infected area has been removed. Good news is pumpkin survive but bad news is I have to amputate two of its teeth. Meh~

Two-Face Pumpkin after surgery, it's feels blurry, side effect from the surgery.

Pumpkin under quarantine.

Dear Two-Face Pumpkin is under quarantine aka ICU room to prevent further infection like fruit flies laying eggs, oh gosh, that is one deadly disease I can't do any operation but decon it which is send the pumpkin straight to the coffin. Hopefully pumpkin will last till Halloween! We need you badly! Hard times, people, please pray for Two-Face Pumpkin.

PS : I'm trying to label my photos and it's looks weird but as times go by, it will be better. Still thinking about Urbanae's Photography or HY's Photography. Love both name so much.

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