Nov 4, 2012

Churp Out 2012 @ Publika

Tada, I'm back, HY's back (Can't help spreading my new name around, HYHYHYHYHY~)!! Weeks ago, I've attended a carnival-like event by Churp Churp, probably the first, or maybe first few Churp Churp event I have attend (HY don't have much chances to attend Churp Churp event compared to Nuffnang~).

It was held at Publika, seriously I love that place so much. It was fun but it will be great if there were no rain on that day.

Churpie booth~
There were plenty of games to play and prizes to be won. As always with the luck I have, completed all the game, I have won a.....badge!! No, there were more prizes to be won like H&M vouchers, Churpie doll, tablet and etc. But I didn't took part in the Dunk & Draw because I'm a coward kid without the gut to do so.

Bzzz, bzzz, bzzz~

This is not easy, I've tried a few times on this.
Dunk & Draw probably is the most exciting game of the day! Because you get to dunk people in the water and yeah you got the chance to win some awesome prizes. But the coolest part being the audience there is that you get to watch people get dunked into the water (PS : On rainy cold day), muahahahaha yeah heartless people like me exist, just like my blog's name, Rock it Heartless!!!

Ready, set...


Of course, I'm there for a reason. Because they were having a car painting contest as well, main point is you get to bring the car home, it's a model car but it's Mini. Whatever with talent of not, I'm took part in it and glad that I got to bring the car home.

The Mini. Argh so cute!

Didn't really stand a chance to win because the other participants are really artistic but I'm having fun though, hahaha. Winner get a S3 home. And I get a Mini toy car as souvenir.

Yes my car it is, such a mess huh.
I was having this so called on vacation and lovely mood theme. Obviously it didn't work out. But now I have my mini Mini with me now. Let me show you what happen to my mini Mini. When I got home, I give it a indoor car wash.

Oh car wash yeah!

Clean it thoroughly so that I can do some graffiti on it! Muahaha you're mine, all mine!

This is the outcome!

It's a halloween theme Mini. Spot anything on that?

Oh I'm out of topic. That's it. Was exhausted till the end of the event and went home happily.


Zaina Squid said...

the photos are nice and te place looks great HY ;)

HY said...

Thanks Zaina!